Buttermilk Connemara Ponies

Photo: Buttermilk Robin, Buttermilk Ruby, Pat, Cathriona & Buttermilk Melody (Millie)
The Connemara Pony is the only native pony to Ireland.Their characteristics are : good temperament, hardiness, staying power, intelligence, soundness, sure-footedness, jumping ability, suitable for child or adult. In older times they were used to pull carts, for farm work and as the family transport. Nowadays they are mainly kept as pets and show animals. Most Sundays from June until September there is a pony show in this area, if you are interested in attending a show just let us know, we can give you the details.
On our land in Streamstown (overlooking Streamstown Bay & the infamous Sky Road) and Moyard (3 & 6 miles from the house) we breed Connemara Ponies and Connemara Blackface Sheep. Our guests are welcome to visit, we’ll give you directions and you can also meet Robbie and Ben our sheepdogs if you wish. There is a ringfort located at the top of our land in Streamstown and from there you will get the most amazing views of Streamstown Bay, the deserted village and standing stones on the neighbouring land (it’s well worth the climb!) From our mountain land you can see all the way to Inishbofin Island on a clear day. In Moyard you will often see the roaming wild deer.
At present, our Ponies are :
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Buttermilk Melody (Millie), born 2000 148cms. Sire : Robin Hood D : Crumpaun Rosie. “Millie” has bred 9 filly foals and 2 colt foals. She has competed successfully in Dressage and Ridden classes and has had a great career in In Hand showing, at all age levels and with her foals.
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Buttermilk Ruby , born 2008 , 138cms. S : Earl of Newbridge D : Buttermilk Diana.”Ruby” has had a very successful career to date in the showring. She competes in hand in the smaller type class (138 cms and under) she has always been first or second. In 2014 she won her class in Clifden. Ruby has bred a few colt foals and her first filly, Lily was born in 2018. This year she has a colt foal Remy, by the exciting new stallion Glencarrig Douvan, who has won at Clifden and Dublin and has qualified for The Horse of the Year show in Birmingham.
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Buttermilk Lily, born 2018. S: Glencarrig Prince D: Buttermilk Ruby. Lily is Ruby’s first filly foal and one of the last crop of Glencarrig Prince. She scored very highly at her CPBS inspection, and was placed 5 th and 3rd at the 2 shows she attended this year. She is now in foal to Glencarrig Knight.
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Buttermilk Raisa (grey), born May 6, 2021.
S : Glencarrig Knight D : Buttermilk Ruby
Buttermilk Milana (bay), born April 19, 2021
S: Bay Shadow D: Buttermilk Melody.
Enjoying their first day out after being weaned, November 2021. Milana is still with us , scored highly at her inspection in May 2023 and we look forward to her future.
Buttermilk Remy born April 2023. Sire : Glencarrig Douvan  Dam : Buttermilk Ruby
Remy recently left us for his new home in Virginia, USA. We wish his new owners the very best of luck with him and look forward to following his career Stateside !
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We have bred, bought & sold numerous other ponies over the years and have many photos etc. It’s always lovely to hear from present owners and see how they are doing !
Visit the gallery for lots more photos !

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